Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beware of the nonsense post.

Why is it that whenever I try to blog, I get tired just thinking of it? To think that I blog almost every other day when I was in high school. O.o I guess I just haven't written for ages or maybe I just don't wanna think of what to write. Haha! Anyway, I've decided that starting from now on, I'd try to update this site at least once a week. And I've already thought of the best solution on how to succeed on my goal - don't think much and just write whatever you wanna say as fast as you can without checking your grammar. Haha! But then again, I don't think this is a good idea after all. I just remembered I prayed to God that I have to be careful of the things that I say, do and think of. Haay.. What to do? What to do? Hmm.. This is so funny, I'm typing a super random, nonsense post so I guess I'll post a random pic na lang din. :p

This was taken 3 years ago in Sampaguita Gardens in New Washington, Aklan.

Isn't the baby turtle cute? I love it cos it's because it's green and kawaii. ^_^
Also, the turtle kinda describes the me when it comes to blogging - so slow! :p

God bless you dear Reader. I hope you'll have a happy day! Ingat!

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