Wednesday, March 2, 2011

私 の School Blooper

Oh geesh, this is so funny. Well, for me! =D

Okay, so I slept this morning @3:30am. Then I set my phone's alarm clock to 5:30am 'cause I still have to finish my homework for my 7am class. Flash forward. I'm kind of half asleep and aware that it's already daylight. Smiling with eyes closed I remember thinking that I had a nice sleep. Then that thought suddenly sank in to me. Scary drum rolls. I am sleeping pretty soundly.. (happy, smiles).. Wait.. That's not normal! Wait, it's Wednesday! I have class! After that I got up real fast, checked my phone for the time -> 8:50am! Gosh, I am so late! [My class is 7-10am.] So I just grabbed the first pair of clothes in my closet and headed straight to the bathroom to change. Geesh, this is really embarrassing but I'm going to tell you anyway. :p Before, if I ever woke up late I would still have the decency to wash my face and brush my teeth before going to class then go back home to take a bath. But then again, there's always a first time for everything. Okay, I bet you're guessing it right by now.. I wasn't able to brush my teeth nor wash my face! Uhh, I did wash my face with water and that's it! Sumimasen, I was thinking of the extra time spent if I'm going to wash my face with soap, etc. Haha. I'm so sorry dear reader but that time I was thinking about my undone homework (I haven't even started solving it =/) and the seat work (quiz) that I missed. Okay so yeah, so I just brushed my hair and had a ponytail on. Then I started putting my school stuffs in my bag. Then my roommates were asking if I don't have class and I just said that I didn't woke up. I was absolutely doing everything real fast and not saying anything else. I was really not trying to think much cos I don't want to blame myself more cause I would feel more bad. While walking outside I remember thinking "Why?". Okay so I would like to say sorry again Daddy God. I'm really sorry po talaga. :( That time, I was thinking of the points that I would lose from not passing a homework and the seat work that would also stand as our attendance for the day. :( My perfect 5% point for the quizzes would now be ~4.95%. :( [I am not grade conscious. I just want that perfect 5%. lol! :p] Flash forward again. My college is a ~ 5-10 minute walk from my boarding house (my boarding house is within the campus) but I decided to take the Ikot jeepney. When I got to our classroom, there was nobody there! The lights and air con were on but no one's there! So I was thinking maybe we changed rooms or they had a site visit. So I just called my classmate and asked where they are. Then she asked me, "Didn't Sir text you?" Ugh! Then it hit me. Oh gosh oh gosh. =D Now I remember! Haha. I remember waking up at 5:30am and feeling happy after reading the SMS sent by my prof saying:

"No CE 157 class today. Please review shear design and read on development length and column design. Thanks and have a nice day!"

Haha, what a day! It's so silly of me! I was trying not to think much because I would just start feeling down but then if I just think longer back then, I would have remembered about the SMS. Haha. I've also realized that my concerned classmates would have texted me asking where I was and blah blah cos I was usually never absent especially if there's a homework to pass. So yeah I walked back home again smiling and laughing at myself. And I am really sorry po again Lord God. You did wake me up, I just forgot about it. :) I love You po! ^_^

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